Dale Dauten: Speaker, Author, Innovation Consultant

The Six Realities

adapted from The Gifted Boss
by Dale Dauten

Over the past year, as I searched for the best bosses in America, I came to have such respect for their many virtues -- their human understanding, their honor and dignity, their sensitivity and humor -- I began to think of them as "gifted," in the same way we think of gifted athletes. That's why when I assembled their lessons into a book, I called it "The Gifted Boss." Just as studying gifted athletes can help raise anyone's athletic performance, there is much to learn from the workplaces created by gifted bosses, including these overriding lessons:


  1. Both gifted bosses and great employees want the same things from a workplace:
    1. Freedom from...
      • management,
      • mediocrity, and
      • morons.
    2. A change.
    3. A chance.

  2. Gifted bosses don't just hire employees, they acquire allies.

  3. Great employees don't have jobs, they have talents. They enter the job market once (if at all), and thereafter their talents are spotted, courted and won over.

  4. Great bosses and employees often reverse the typical job search: instead of the employee doing the "hunting," it¹s the boss. The process more resembles a "talent search" than a job market.

  5. While many gifted bosses have virtually no turnover, many others embrace substantial turnover, and become masters of "the secret skill" of firing.

  6. An alliance between a gifted boss and a great employee is a kinship of talent, often creating a bond that can last a lifetime.

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