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Try The Promotability Index

"I get satisfaction of three kinds. One is creating something, one is getting paid for it, and the other is the feeling that I haven't been sitting on my ass all afternoon."
--William Buckley

If you're the sort of person who wants your work to be about learning and growing and being recognized for what you accomplish, then try the following test*. It will assess the likelihood that you're going to be recognized and rewarded.

The results aren't the typical little bits of "wisdom" on how to get ahead by being the good little slave; no this is the reality of what it takes to promote yourself and then act graciously surprised when management announces your new position.

*This index started when my column partner Kate Wendleton (The Five O'Clock Club ®) put together a list of promotability questions. I adapted Kate's list into an index which appeared in "Kate & Dale Talk Jobs" in April, 1999. The response encouraged me to devote more time to the concept and I ended up refining and expanding the process and to making it interactive. While many of Kate's original questions remain, I added in others adapted from my work on "The Gifted Boss" (in which I asked the country's best bosses to describe their best-ever employees). Plus, I benefited from the research reported in Tom Peters' "The Circle of Innovation," Brandon Smart's "Topgrading" and Robert Kelley's "How To Be A Star At Work."