The Innovators' Lab: Description

While many companies have an R&D department to develop breakthrough products, what about breakthrough management and marketing ideas?

THE INNOVATORS' LAB is an R&D Department for people issues, generating and applying unique new solutions to...

Waste reduction/Cost cutting
Customer service/relations (internal and external customers)
Customer attraction/retention

We don't just generate ideas, but test and evolve them in a "laboratory" for growing innovations.

Our goal is to allow you to create "WOW" (internally and externally), then go beyond "WOW" to "W.O.M.P." -- to generate the Word of Mouth Potential that will give employees and the business press "something to talk about," and in doing so, create an a magnet for great employees and for great customers.

What's the point?

The Innovators' Lab is a major improvement on the "consultant/brainstorm" model...

We bring together people from various industries, all committed to experimentation, so the group starts with the automatic synergy from many types of experience.

Not only do we use idea generation tools to stimulate creativity, we are a LABORATORY for evolving innovations.

Each innovator not only benefits from the ideas he or she agrees to beta-test, but can pick from a basket of other experiments, choosing the best of pre-tested ideas.

The upshot is that each company has what functions as an R&D Department for management and marketing (internal or external).

Experimentation and innovation create an energy that is a magnet for great employees and for great customers: The best want to work with the best.

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