An Invitation to Join with Gifted Bosses

I'd like to invite you to join a group of high achievers, committed to excellence and experimentation and to helping one another.

The group is The Gifted Boss Circle of ContributionTM. It will be headed by me, along with Paula Wigboldy of The Innovators Lab®, and is the first group we know of intended to accelerate the progress of rising stars in organizations by bringing together experimenters from several different industries.

We will be accepting those who are intent on making major contributions to their organizations, and who are also willing to join and assist a band of allies. An investment of time and money will be necessary – we're going to do this right.

If you are interested for yourself, or for evolving an employee into an exceptional contributor, please read the following material and call or e-mail with questions.

View a PDF invitation to The Gifted Boss Circle of ContributionTM.

Consider your most promising employee...
How long will he or she be with you?

Ever wonder what more you can to do for your "great find," your rising star of an employee, the one you'd hate to see leave the organization?

Standard procedure is for you to do succession planning and mentoring, along with giving your rising stars a series of jobs, letting them work up the leadership ladder. Someday the prospects will be in a position to make a giant contribution. The shame of it is this: given the statistics on job change, the odds are, your stars won't be around when your investment pays off. Some other boss, some other organization will reap what you have sown.

This dilemma led to a new program in accelerated contribution, developed by Dale Dauten and Paula Wigboldy of The Innovators' Lab®. The program arose from Dale's book The Gifted Boss and his work as co-writer of the country's leading career advice column, combined with the latest in learning theory. We call it The Gifted Boss Circle of ContributionTM.

Immediate Payoff, Lifelong Allies

The program is designed to turn potential for future contribution into immediate business impact. We take rising stars and help you turn them into "gifted bosses." They become your lead experimenters, bringing you new management ideas and strategies to choose from.

Simultaneously, the program gives rising stars a reason to commit to you and your organization – to see through the ideas they are implementing, all while providing a format that allows the two of you to be more than employer-employee, to become lifelong allies.

Here's how The Gifted Boss Circle of ContributionTM works:

Your star employee will join with a dozen or more rising stars from different industries, creating a network of bright, success-oriented experimenters.

There will be four meetings each calendar year. Each session will be for half-a-day, held in Phoenix, except for one special meeting a year held in a unique environment. (Past Innovators' Lab® meetings have been held at NASA, Taliesin West, the Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier in Chicago and the Frank Gehry designed Disney Hall in Los Angeles.) You, as Executive Sponsor, will be invited to join in for the annual special session.

Further, in addition to each in-person meeting, there will be a second follow-up meeting, conducted online, to emphasize the learning and to allow those who can't attend in person to stay connected. In between meetings will be coaching calls, e-mail updates and various other opportunities to stimulate thinking.

For each meeting, we'll provide materials and content, lunch and homework for your attendee. These aren't some fill-in-the-blank exercises – the assignments will be to experiment with new ways of working. When your protégé returns to the next Circle Session, we (and all of his or her counterparts) will be expecting results and are staged to learn from the reports. You can expect the same.

The assignments will focus on this goal: To implement ideas that will astound you and your customers with their creativity and effectiveness and contribute to the goals of your organization.

The contribution process continues throughout the year. The meetings jump-start the ideas, but the ongoing work with Dale, Paula and the team is where the real results happen. The interactive blogs between the members, the exchange of ideas and victory moments between participants, and the stimulation while focusing on the task at hand will keep your "star" engaged and getting results that exceed your expectations.

The Spiral of Benefits to You and Your Team

You handpick your attendee. You invest in his or her future, but simultaneously, the benefits to you and your team start immediately. Within months your rising star finds better ways of helping your team progress. Dale, Paula and the network of stars magnify your guidance.

You see the growth and energy being put back into the organization. You see the commitment to learning and growing. You've chosen them; they want to give back. It's a win-win for all parties – that's The Gifted Boss Circle of ContributionTM.

Application forms can be requested by calling Paula at 480-785-2886 or sending e-mail to . The deadline for Session One of 2008 will be January 20, 2008. The first meeting is scheduled for March 2008.

View a PDF invitation to The Gifted Boss Circle of ContributionTM.

Dale Dauten, Author and Publisher

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